Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

I've actually been really busy making money and I don't lug around a computer everywhere I go. I was actually busy doing adult stuff today too but I found some time to make this.

We haven't been doing much work on the wiki bc of our schedules, so if you are interested in contributing, please do consider applying for a staff position, details here.

EVANGELION Collab & Events

The FB page is hosting a fair bit of stuff during this collab, which ends May 12th.

Invitation Campaign

During the collab, every new invite will grant a handful of diamonds & paint cards. Max 3000 dias & 30 cards.


"Free" Outfit Survey

Fill out a survey hosted on Google Forms stating which outfit set you like the most. You can pick up to 3. These will most likely not be permanent outfits, and will rather be a trial outfit lasting 3 days. Which also means they can't be dyed.


Some Paint Cards

Take a pic of your character with either EVA Test-1 (Cassell) and/or 4th Angel (Tokyo Tower). Everybody will get 5 paint cards, and Triss will pick 20 random players for something. Or 20 players get 5 paint cards, I can't dissect it.


Video Submissions

Make a YT vid about your "Dragon Raja experience" & post a link in the comments. Prizes include an iPad, Beats headphones, & 10 sets of Candy Heart.


How do y'all feel about Evangelion? Every other gacha game I've played has had a collab with them and honestly I'm tired of seeing it. UL out there with 3 EVA collabs by the time I quit.

Yeah that's all. Again, if you'd like to contribute for the wiki, consider applying for staff. I at the very least have time to look those over 😞