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There are multiple servers that a player can choose from to play the game and the list is constantly growing. Once a server is selected, the player can create up to four characters in it, per account; each account can have up to four characters in a server in all servers, but said characters are only accessible by selecting the server they were created in. It is not possible to move the created character(s) into another server, the only alternatives being to start over on the desired server and create new characters there, or to wait for a server merge.

Servers show different levels of fullness based on the amount of players in the server: Maintained is a gray color, Crowded is a yellow color, Hot is an orange, and Full is red. A player can enter any server regardless of fullness, which is important given all servers are constantly marked Full nowadays.

In the global version of Dragon Raja, there are only two types of servers: American (AM) and European (EU). AM servers will never interact with EU servers, and vice versa.

See the page about Server Merges for info pertaining them. It is important for those who want to know which servers' communities have been mixed together.

Time Zones and Servers Available

Tabs of server ranges are listed on the left. Open space to the right lists said servers.

How the server menu appears to the player.

The following are how the servers are listed, from new servers down. European servers are listed before American servers as well.

Headings such as EU1-10 (GMT+1) are the tabs players will see. The arrangement of server names in the tables are what will appear in the space to the right of said tabs, given one tab lists 10 servers.

European (EU) Servers

EU71-80 (GMT+1)

S79-Azure Moon
S78-Night Sky S77-Snow Spirit
S76-Sea Watch S75-Rosy Love
S74-Nebula Tide S73-Night God
S72-Ring of War S71-Royal Disk

EU61-70 (GMT+1)

S70-Manic girl S69-God befalls
S68-Coral Sea S67-Inspiration
S66-Soul Chaser S65-War Scar
S64-Law of Time S63-Death Aria
S62-Last Waltz S61-Requiem

EU51-60 (GMT+1)

S60-Destroyer S59-Lucky Star
S58-Hell Dance S57-Sakura oath
S56-Epic Poetry S55-Sakura
S54-Judgement S53-Fight Again
S52-Jade Stone S51-Star Ocean

EU41-50 (GMT+1)

S50-Legend S49-Ice pillars
S48-Rhapsody S47-Vanguard
S46-Magma Core S45-Crescent
S44-Mist S43-Dream Game
S42-Witch Game S41-Dark Blade

EU31-40 (GMT+1)

S40-Neon S39-Golden Eyes
S38-Tide Spirit S37-Night Rain
S36-Star Bond S35-Meteor
S34-Jungle King S33-Dominic
S32-Fracture S31-Snowmoon

EU21-30 (GMT+1)

S30-Liberty Day S29-White King
S28-Beacon S27-Dragon Wing
S26-Clear Jade S25-Dusk Flame
S24-Dawn S23-Moonlight
S22-Soul Storm S21-Odin Brand

EU11-20 (GMT+1)

S20-Time Rules S19-Bones Well
S18-Soul Echo S17-Black Swan
S16-Evil way S15-Crime Abyss
S14-Brilliance S13-Trial Land
S12-Golden Age S11-Sakura Fall

EU1-10 (GMT+1)

S10-Alchemist S9-Nether Realm
S8-Time Phantom S7-Summer Night
S6-Throns Crown S5-Gods Raving
S4-Eternal Eyes S3-Empty Place
S2-Frozen Snow S1-Rhine Plan

American (AM) Servers

AM81-90 (GMT-5)

S82-Withdrawing S81-Lust of War

AM71-80 (GMT-5)

S80-Rubber Duck S79-Fire Shield
S78-Seiryu S77-Ice Cyclone
S76-Spider Egg S75-Red Spirit
S74-Storm Envoy S73-Fire Envoy
S72-Swamp Golem S71-Lava Golem

AM61-70 (GMT-5)

S70-Concealment S69-Naraku
S68-New Life S67-Wind Moon
S66-Soul Bond S65-Music Neon
S64-Rhapsody S63-Gods Glory
S62-Blessing S61-Windchime

AM51-60 (GMT-5)

S60-War Master S59-Nightmare
S58-Chaos S57-Starlight
S56-Dark Night S55-Assault
S54-Eternal S53-Dream House
S52-Happy Times S51-Lightning

AM41-50 (GMT-5)

S50-Apostle S49-Light Cone
S48-Shrine S47-Descendant
S46-Dragon Soul S45-Holy Shield
S44-Dilation S43-Dawn Flame
S42-White Night S41-Dark Moon

AM31-40 (GMT-5)

S40-Aurora S39-Immortal
S38-Wind shot S37-Guardian
S36-Elf Power S35-Twilight
S34-Doom Walker S33-Rising Star
S32- Alliance S31-Bright Ring

AM21-30 (GMT-5)

S30-Dragon Roar S29-Dreamland
S28-Black King S27-Fate Blade
S26-Chizuru S25-Icy Lair
S24-Moon Realm S23-Sky Tower
S22-Hydras S21-Genji Inc

AM11-20 (GMT-5)

S20-Bone Cross S19-Leviathan
S18-Norton S17-Scarlet
S16-Jormungandr S15-Fenris
S14-Ice Port S13-Dilliast
S12-Gungnir S11-Bronze Maze

AM1-10 (GMT-5)

S10-Sumiza S9-Ice Throne
S8-Cassell S7-Constantine
S6-Bliss Hall S5-Bronze City
S4-Nibelungen S3-God Kingdom
S2-Valhalla S1-Odin Abyss