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A flower grown from the ashes. A wandering singer after freedom. Phantom Sound forms a bond with its ally by performing melodies with various instruments and switching between 2 statuses with ease. For those who walk with the Phantom Sound's melodies by mistake, there's no need to struggle, as they'll be forever lost in time.

Assassin is one of the four starter classes for Dragon Raja. They are both a ranged and close combat class. Class changes can be performed by the NPC Cygnet <Class Transfer> at Cassell College (318, 346) at the cost of gold. Gold required for Class Qualification increases after each unlocked class, but transferring classes won't cost any gold.


Damage High
Explosivity Mid
Survivability High
Control High
Assist Max
Range Mid
Difficulty Low

Phantom Sounds use magic attack, multistrike, and water attack. General stats are concentration, intelligence, and dexterity.


Each skill has different durations, percentages, target limits, and cooldowns dependent on the skill level.

Phantom Sounds has a secondary stance, that being Performance State. Entering said state requires the player to max out their Entropy, which is displayed above their skills.


The Chosen Star Born to perform on stage, Phantom Sounds= feels the call of the spotlights, instantly removing control and skill lock effects while increasing magic attack and multistrike rate, becoming immune to skill lock effects momentarily and gaining Entropy.
Sonic Pulse Phantom Sound plays a sonic instrument, dealing magic damage to enemies in a rectangular area in front while gaining Entropy. Upon triggering multistrike, this skill has a chance to trigger the follow up skill, Amplified Blast.
Amplified Blast Phantom Sound summons 2 holographic loudspeakers before ordering them to blast the target area 4 times, dealing heavy magic damage to enemies up front. The last high frequency blast knocks down enemies. Restores Entropy.
Sound Wave Phantom Sound creates 3 soundwaves with different frequencies, each dealing magic damage to enemies in a cone area in front. Restores Entropy.


Ripples - Death When Entropy reaches 100%, Phantom Sound enters performance state and plays Key - Death on stage to create a unique tone. A single note has no effect at all, but several notes played in a certain order will activate various effects.
Ripples - Birth When Entropy reaches 100%, Phantom Sound enters performance state and plays Key - Life on stage to create a unique tone. A single note has no effect at all, but several notes played in a certain order will activate various skill effects.
Sonic Boom Can be released with Ripples - Death.

Phantom sound beats the drum 5 times rhythmically, each beat creating an audio vector at the feet of enemies before dealing massive damage in a circular area around them. During the performance, allies within a certain radius will gain the Battle Song effect.

Spring's Embrace Can be released with Ripples - Birth.

Phantom Sound heals allies with music, restoring HP to self and allies within a given radius momentarily and casting Requiem.

Poison Pool Can be released with Ripples - Death, then Ripples - Birth.

Phantom Sound creates a poison pool of a given radius at the feet of the target, dealing damage to enemies in the pool and inflicting Fever Dream.

Fortune's Favor Can be released with Ripples - Birth, then Ripples - Death.

Phantom Sound prays for blessing with music, removing control and skill effects from one's self and allies in a given radius while granting Praise.

Extended Effects

Battle Song Physical and magic attack is increased by a given percentage, as well as CRIT. level momentarily. Can be refreshed, but cannot be stacked.
Requiem Shields oneself and allies momentarily. Cannot be stacked and subject to cooldown.
Fever Dream Enemies take damage temporarily while reducing movement and cooldown speed.
Praise Physical and magical defense is increased while granting Super Armor and skill lock immunity.


The extent of each EX is dependent on player's EX level.

Dance of Shiva Charms nearby enemies, causing them to move towards the caster uncontrollably and reducing their dual attack, and cooldown speed temporarily. Affects targets within a given radius, with a maximum target count. Phantom Sound immediately regains a large amount of Entropy on use.
Evolve Removes all control effects and skill lock from oneself and allies in a given radius, then increases their tenacity. Evolve reduces all active skill cooldowns on oneself and allies. Phantom Sound immediately regains a large amount of Entropy on use.


The extent of each talent is dependent on player level.

C Talent

Battle Song The chance of Sonic Pulse's multistrike triggering Amplified Blast is increased.
Magic Tune The third strike of Soundwave Impact knocks down the target.
Charging Phantom Sound regenerates Entropy every second.

B Talent

Rave For each target hit by Amplified Blast, Phantom Sound gains additional Entropy.
Variation When multistrike is triggered by attacks, there is a chance to increase the player's cooldown speed momentarily.
Requiem The Chosen Star increases Entropy regeneration speed, and the skill duration is increased.

A Talent

Raised Voice Sonic Boom summons a speaker that exists for a set time when the skill is cast. The speaker will deal AoE damage when attacked by the player. Only 1 speaker may exist at a time.
Toxic Sound Poison Pool deals additional damage while silencing and dragging targets.
Prays for Blessings Fortune's Favor reduces the active skill cooldown of all allies in a range. Subject to cooldown and cannot be stacked.

S Talent

Sonata Increases the duration of Performance State.
Tune of Revival I Performance State, the player will not die when taking a lethal blow, but will instead gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to a given percentage of their HP temporarily. Subject to cooldown.
Symphony For very time they play, the player gains a stack of Zeal that lasts a given time. Each stack increases the final damage output, and AP rate. Can be stacked.

Deep Talent

The extent of each deep talent is dependent on player level.


Aria 5 Talent Points Multistrike up.
Sly Poison 5 Talent Points Soundwave Impact deals increased damage to targets effected by Dream.
Taunting Tune 5 Talent Points Additionally increases the player's hit rate when dealing damage within 5 seconds after using Soundwave Impact.
Snipe 4 Talent Points Phantom Sound deals more damage to targets that are further away, up to 15 meters.
Sharpen 5 Talent Points Sonic Pulse damage up.
Sound Amplificatin 3 Talent Points Amplified Blast grants extra Entropy.
5 Talent Points Amplified Blast has a chance to grant super armor to self for 3 seconds.
Light Step 5 Talent Points The Chosen Star increases movement speed.
Blind 5 Talent Points Additionally reduces the dual defense of nearby targets upon casting The Chosen Star.
Cheer Up 5 Talent Points The Chosen Star additionally increases cooldown speed.
Widened Area 5 Talent Points The Chosen Star has a chance to grant the same buff to allies within an 8 meter radius. Does not stack.


Long Song 5 Talent Points Increased max HP.
Stomp 3 Talent Points Increase by damage vs. slowed tares.
Dirge 4 Talent Points Charm resistance increased.
Uncompromising 5 Talent Points Increased damage against charmed targets.
Chant 4 Talent Points Magic attack increased.
Renewal 5 Talent Points Dodge rate increased.
DEX 5 Talent Points Regains endurance when triggering dodge. Can be triggered every 0.5 seconds.
Resilience 5 Talent Points CRIT resistance increased after using dodge for 5 seconds.
Rune Merge 5 Talent Points Increased effect when recovery rune and other buff runes are triggered.
Runic Affinity 5 Talent Points Regains additional Entropy upon triggering recovery rune and other buff runes.
Unyielding 5 Talent Points Chance to release control effects once when controlled. Can be activated once every 3 minutes.


Battle Song 5 Talent Points Damage against players increased in Performance State.
Enmity 5 Talent Points Damage dealt by Dream increased.
Maze 1 Talent Point Dream halts the target's skill and EX cooldown.
Death 4 Talent Points Duration of Dream increased.
Undying 5 Talent Points Damage taken reduced in Performance State.
Recuperate 5 Talent Points Duration of Performance State super armor increased.
Build Up Energy 5 Talent Points Use skills when performing to recover reserved Entropy which is converted into active Entropy when Performance State expires.
Revival 5 Talent Points Increase Spring Embrace's healing effect and reduce magic damage taken.
Excel 5 Talent Points Fortune's Favor grants more dual defense.
Pray 5 Talent Points Duration of all Fortune's Favor effects increased.