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Luminous is one of the main characters in Dragon Raja, as well as a recruitable 6-Star Ally.


Luminous is the only student with an S-rated talent (a body rating of E or below) in Cassell College, which is the same rating as Principal Anjou. However, he explains early on that he is not skilled at fighting.

His main extra skill is EX·Immortal. All his extra skills are exclusives. The origins of these extra skills are unknown.

His parents, who are doing research in an unspecified location, have to been a huge influence to him. He has been living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin Ming·Z·Lu since he was young, and had an average life before entering the college. However, he showed his talent in Esports.

Although he refuses to admit it, he barely had any friends growing up. He was also always lonely before entering Cassell College due to Blood Cry. As such, Cassell College changed his life.


He is physically a handsome young man with eyes that lean down slightly. He was honored with the title of "a charming treasure" by Humpback Whale, a famous shop manager in Japan. He appears to be a weak, poor and powerless person, with refined bravery in his soul and who is always generous to his friends. He has shown that he will do anything for them when necessary.

"We're all little monsters, however, if the Ultraman who represents justice comes, I'll kill him for you."


Ex-Immortal/Ex-Don't Die: This EX grants Luminous immunity against fatal injuries, and also gives him faster healing.


  • In both the Dragon Raja novel and manhwa, Luminous is the main character.
  • His original Chinese name is Lu Mingfei. His Japanese name is Ro Meihi.
  • His phone number is 001 773 2009515.
  • He is married to Erii Uesugi.