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Intro: Frozen Throne Sea is the intro of the main story in Dragon Raja. It has fifteen clips in total and introduces the player's background, the main antagonist, and servers as a tutorial for the player to learn the game's controls. Unlike the other chapters, the player can choose to skip it and start off at the first chapter instead.


It starts off in Siberia, Black Swan Orphanage - a human and gene research base. A lighthouse flashes in the dark and Renata, the player's best friend, is chased through the woods by an ice wolf. After Renata falls to the ground and about to be attacked by the wolf, the player runs past the wolf and jumps in front of the wolf's path. After fighting back with the wolf, the player is thrown to the ground. Renata jumps up and defeats the wolf before it could harm the player.


The wolf defeated, the player and Renata take a moment to regain the breath. After Renata warns the player to watch out for the awakened wolf, the wolf jumps in the player's face and causes the player to wake up from the dream. Once awake, the player gets ready and heads out the door of their house.

Take the Sledge

After retrieving a present and placing it into a sled, the player and Renata ride through the woods and stop near the giant Christmas tree.

Training Accident

The player and Renata head toward the training grounds to practice their skills in front of Herzog, the director of the Black Swan Orphanage. Anton, one of the orphans, antagonizes the player after the player's training round is completed. After using a skill to levitate the robots, he clutches his head in pain and pushes all of the training robots back. Renata uses her powers to stop a stray robot from hitting the player while Khorkina checks on Anton. Herzog orders Khorkina to send Anton back after the chaos has calmed down.