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See EX for explanation of the gameplay mechanic.


EX is a linguistic ability of the dragons. They could force a rule on an area. This "rule" becomes a specific EX and the area this "rule" covers is called the "realm".

Generally speaking, when a Hybrid has enough contact with D-Cypher, he will develop intense resonance with some draconic and eventually master this EX ability. Dragons are believed to be born with the talent to use one kind of EX. All the Hybrid except for the "emperors" who could simulate other types of EX with their "spirit", can only possess one EX at a time. Dragons under the second generation normally can only use one EX but the ability of those of the second generation or higher is unclear.

To this day, there are 118 kinds of EX recorded and they are organized in EX• Periodic Table, similar to the periodic table of elements.

In EX• Periodic Table, the bigger number an EX has, the less stable and more dangerous it is, and the more it will consumes the caster. The EX from 89 to 100 are rated "dangerous", from 101 to 112 "highly dangerous", and after 113 "strictly confidential" which might backfire even if cast by a Dragon Lord.

With limited information on the Light King's descendants, the series of EX of the "Light King" are mostly numbered and named but without detailed data.

— EX-Note[1]

Dragons with talent closer to the first or second generation will tend to have a higher tier EX among other natural advantages, generally speaking[2].

EX• Periodic Table

The following data is from the "Power Word Anthology" book series[3].

EX• Periodic Table
Name Serial Description / Effect Known Users Fun Notes
Winter 1 Reduces bodily functions like breathing and bloodflow to the bare minimum needed to survive. Some limbs may be paralyzed. Ghost (Secret Society Member)
Thunder of Doom 17 Compresses air to produce an explosive effect. Hiddel (a member of the Kanto Branch of Cassell College)
Serpent 18 Emits void snakes sending information back to the caster. The search speed of the snakes greatly depends on the electroconductivity of the environment. Information is limited targeting and messaging only. Number of snakes and search area depend on caster's Talent. Technically forms a bioelectric current. Garde Rudolf Manstein,
Vic Kano
Servant 28 Selectively increases hostility and aggression of creatures within area, strengthening abilities, increasing bloodflow and even sweating blood. Cannot be used on self. Runde Tower security guard (perhaps Shavee)
Blazing Sun 29 Emits a brilliant light that causes no damage but completely blinds those affected. Raymond
Wind Devil 59 Named after a traditional Japanese demon, this empowers hearing to become almost like a radar over a large area. Brings back accurate sounds that can be used to echo-locate a certain area. Gullveig (Caesar Gattuso's mother),
Caesar Gattuso,
Lucent (deceased; Secret Society member),
Luminous (temporary)
Netherlight 69 Refracts light to enable user to blend into the surrounding (usable by others in range as well) as if invisible, showing just a faint, dark fringe when moving, but still subject to physical attacks. Mai Sakatoku,
Blood Scythe 71 Advanced "Devil Wind" that projects massive wind blades to slash enemies in all directions, centered on self. The user can sense a Wind Demon's prescence in the spiritual realm but cannot pinpoint its exact location nor boost ability to hearing. Caesar Gattuso (Blood Raged),
Lucent (Blood Raged)
Advanced form of EX-Wind Devil.
Glimmer 72 Anjou claimed it slows time down to practically zero. This skill lets user to gain 2x speed with stackable effect (every level doubles the speed before) up to a maximum that is currently still unknown. Viscount "Silverwing" Charlotte (deceased),
Katsu Inuyama (deceased),
Tyrant's Eye 74 Manipulate massive air into a small vortex swirling about self. Expert control allows for short-term flight, but difficult to maneuver. Powerful combo when paired with Royal Fire. Shavee (Jormungand),
Herzog the New Light King
Makes a powerful combo with EX-Royal Fire.
Scorch 77 Generate massive flame to burn enemies with the heat of several hundred tons of exploding fuel. Lancelot
Time Zero 84 Slows down time by a factor of 40x for 4 to 6 seconds (depending on Talent and proficiency), seeming like 160 to 240 seconds for the caster. Multiple people may fall under this effect, but it has no effect on normal people. Hilbert Ron Anjou,
Tian Chu
Royal Fire 89 The Lord of Bronze and Flame has complete mastery over fire elementals, casting scorching heat within a 5m area before exploding into a second burst of damage. Johann Chu,
New Light King Herzog
Majesty 91 Causes all of the dragon clan descendants in play to suffer 10x effects of gravity, even crushing their bones into the ground. The caster can grant partial invulnerability to some dragon descendants but cannot completely avoid these effects. Chisei Gen,
Judgement 111 Represents the punishment of heaven, placing a death order to judge and slice up nearby enemies. May form an iceberg atop the sea which selectively targets affected units. There is a blowback however and it may slightly shorten the caster's life. Erii Uesugi
Rhine 113 Its original name has been forgotten and it's described in the texts as causing an explosion around the caster. Apparently this Extra Skill was created at 7:17am on June 30th, 1908, at the precise moment if the Tunguska explosion of Siberia Russia. It could be seen from the Rhein river; hence, "Rhine". Manecke Cassell (suspected)
Flame Dragon 114 Powerful Extra Skill of the Lord of Bronze and Flame and the most powerful fire effect, similar to Rhine. Instantly burns all matter, generating monstrous heat equivalent to a nuclear explosion. Range depends on Talent. Previously used to destroy Baidi Fortress. Norton,
Was used to destroy Baidi Fortress.
Extinguish 115 Powerful Extra Skill of the Lord of Ocean and Water, creating a huge tsunami that can even engulf a city. Lord of Ocean and Water,
1st generation Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi
With EX-Dance of Shiva, it is mentioned in Dragon Dynasties[4] IIII.
Dance of Shiva 117 Powerful Extra Skill of the Lord of Earth and Stone. Not even the caster may stop it. Extra Skill is released not by language, but by undulating dance of the Dragon King. Once cast, only the dead remain within area of effect. Fenrir,
Shavee (Jormungand),
1st generation Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi
With EX-Extinguish, it is mentioned in Dragon Dynasties IIII.
Oracle 121 Currently the highest serial Extra Skill on record, this Extra Skill of the Light King was once used on his own descendants. Blocks effects of EX Emperor. Light King Blocks EX-Emperor. With EX-Emperor, it is mentioned in Dragon Dynasties II.
Sovereign unk Forces a target to temporarily surrender to caster. The inextinguishable Golden Eyes from the Dragon Clan also has this effect. Only those with a pure Talent may resist. Johann Chu,
Mistmoon (Dragon Lord from Lament of Party)
Creed unk Requires continuous casting, during which time Extra Skill cast by dragon descendant with lower-level Talents within this area are nullified. Some say an alchemy matrix can expand the range of effect and change cast conditions. Leonardo Franco (NightWatcher)
Dust Buster unk Forces all objects — animate, inanimate, or abstract like "heat" and "radiation" — quickly away from the caster. Very small chance of failing cast. Professor Mance Rundstedt,
Parsley Gattuso,
A female Death Servitor in prequel
Blood Yura unk Causes a reaction in dragonkind Talents, rapidly revealing a dragon's descendant. Porcia Ma
Minefield unk To control any kind of electricity, it's usually useful to first "charge" an object from another nearby before releasing energy instantly into a bolt. Just like lightning, this can create a static barrier, isolating any noise from escaping beyond. Genichiro Ryoma
Vortex unk Shapes water into a swirling spherical vortex which deals fatal explosive damage upon detonation. Water exploded also has high rate of penetration. Shio Miyamoto
Emperor unk An Extra Skill used by the Dark King on his own people. Dragonkind who hear this curse (apart from descendants if the Light King) grow a "Third Eye", summoning the voice of the ancient dragon emperor and leaving a feeling of having been summoned by a great master. Dark King Nidhogg,
With EX-Oracle, it is mentioned in Dragon Dynasties II.
Undying unk Enhances body to the strength of titanium, even punching through bulletproof steel. Nanami Sakurai
Bronze Zone unk Enhances muscles as hard as bronze and even turns gold at max effort; however, greater forces can damage bone structure. Mr. KFC (suspected Finger)
Evolution unk Enhances cerebral function, quickly building mind models and calculating millions of high-speed operations. "Digger" Karl von Gambet,
Enxi (Sister Crisp)
Mirror Eyes unk Quickly deconstructs machinery or alchemy traps, learning about assembly and use in an instant. Some speculate that others' knowledge or Extra Skill may even be copied. Zero (Renata)
Prophet unk Able to predict time constraints and types of future events. Kirran
Diamond Realm unk Grants an extra layer of protection after Mai Sakatoku injects Elder Dragon Blood Serum to increase Talent, an upgrade of Netherlight. Mai Sakatoku (after injection) Upgrade of EX-Netherlight.
Dream Beast unk This spiritual Extra Skill can drag enemies into an inescapable dream — where their spirits may be killed. Enemies killed in the spirit world also die in reality. Chime Gen
Yamata unk Forces improvement of the Talent to get a perfect body like Yamata no Orochi. This Talent multiplication grants near-limitless endurance. A mythical Extra Skill whose power surpasses Judgement itself. Chime Gen
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