Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki

The most standard coupon is the coupon treated as a currency, displayed alongside gold and diamonds on top the screen. They can be used to buy nearly anything, such as items in the Mall, or for obtaining materials to upgrade things. They are equivalent to 1 Diamond and are obtained through topping up, which can be done through Mall —> Top Up.

However, there are also many other types of coupons within Dragon Raja.

Full coupon list incomplete. Coupon exchanges are currently closed until further notice. Please do not harass Discord staff, as they are given no inside information about the Dev team's activity.

There are three types of coupons that can be bought, many types under each one. Each type of coupon is redeemed in their own exchange shop where, typically, unique accessories, outfit sets, and etc. are available.

By submitting a ticket to the official Dragon Raja Discord, directly to a single mod, you can request exchanges for coupons as long as they are of equal value.

How the Coupon Exchange System Works ~ Currently Closed ~

1:1 ratio; can exchange any coupons from oldest to newest and vice versa

Follow the format when reporting an issue followed by a screenshot of your coupons. Example for issue: “I would like to exchange 20 glittering coupons for 20 fairy coupons please and thank you”

In order for the team to do the coupon exchange you MUST be online during 9 PM-5 AM (UTC/GMT-5) during the week days. Please be patient. The team can only do about 30 coupon exchanges per day. And do not be afraid to proactively dm the person who reacted to your post with an emoji to ask about the status, following up is very good, we get tons of messages on a daily basis.

The three types are lettered Tiers A - C, descending, based on difficulty of obtainment:

  • A —> A, B, or C
  • B —> B or C
  • C —> C

While this greatly helps players to build towards getting a desirable item from their selected shop, some exchange shops have disappeared from certain servers:

PLEASE NOTE: Some past coupon shops when you talk to NPCs at Cassell College are not available in your server anymore, but they exist in other servers, so please double check them first before you ask to exchange coupons. I believe they can’t keep all past coupon shops in each servers, so the devs remove them, and the team can’t restore them.

Limited-Time Top-Up Coupons

Also known as "Tier A", coming from the Limited Top-Up.

Due to the excessive amount of money required to participate in the event, they are deemed Tier A.

Known List

  • Colorful Sticks
  • Lotus Pool

Event Pulled Coupons

Also known as "Tier B", these are pulled from the limited time gachas. They include events such as Dragon Lair and Super Player. Unlike the other events, there will be chances for F2P players to obtain x1 or x10 of the event's coupons by using the daily free and x50 diamond draws, equaling two per day until event end.

Since there is no guarantee of obtaining coupons despite using money to do pulls, they are deemed Tier B.

Known List

  • Divination coupons
  • Reindeer Blessing Cards
  • Support
  • Video Game Vouchers

Mall Pack Coupons

Also known as "Tier C", these come from opening packs bought from the Mall.

Due to the absolute certainty that players will obtain the coupons, they are deemed Tier C.

Known List

  • Circus
  • Holy Night
  • Lucky Clover
  • Spirit Feast
  • Twilight Dream
  • Wish Note

World Boss Coupons

Different World Bosses will spawn at set times during the day, many overlapping as the server level rises. Said bosses have their own type of coupon, but the methods to obtain them are essentially the same.

Each of the unique bosses will drop a token for participating living players upon being defeated, 14 max per week per type. There's even a chance to drop a coupon(s) during the pre-boss event in the first 5 minutes.

Using the obtained tokens, players can use them to spin at the custom slot machine to obtain more coupons. They then can be exchanged at a nearby NPC, usually situated next to it or nearby. As with the machine and NPC, the exchangeable items are exclusive to each type of World Boss coupon.

See World Events for more detailed information on the World Boss mechanics, including tables on redeemable items.