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The community guidelines are subject to change without prior or post notice. Be sure to check whenever changes are made.

All users are subject to follow both DRMW and Fandom Guidelines upon accepting the Terms of Use. Actions taken by staff are subject to the individual staff member, and so may differ.

The Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to Dragon Raja, a mobile online MMORPG by Epic Games and Loong Entertainment. There are 5 releases: China, Global, Japan, Korea, and SEA. This wiki is primarily dedicated to the Global release by Archosaur Games, since we lack staff who play the other versions and who can understand the languages.

Please refer to the table of contents for easier navigation.

Section 1: Staff and Penalties

Covered in this section is: Staff Conduct, Current Staff, User Conduct Regarding Staff.

The DRMW administrative/staff team is dedicated to the upkeep of the Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki, maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all its' readers and editors. Issues and inquiries may be directed to a member of staff. Please contact us via Discord, which we have made available on our user pages.

To All Administration

As a member of the staff team, we are expected to follow all community and discussion guidelines to a T. We are to act with professionalism, respect, and lack of bias regardless of the situation or user at hand. Staff are not exempt from penalties; any violations will be dealt with as if you are any other member, including violations in which result in an automatic ban. Staff may not abuse any admin tools made available to them, or use them for personal "entertainment".

Bureaucrat | Xyn
Sysops | Inu
Content Mods | Zhan

Users May Not

  • Mini mod: act in place of staff.
  • Falsely report.
    • 3 day account ban.
  • Act with insubordination towards any member of staff.
  • Request to join the staff team.
  • Make any sort of content "complaining" about the staff team. Such issues should be brought to the bureaucrat or any other member of staff you are comfortable speaking with.

Users May

  • Report staff for any violations.
  • Provide feedback at any time.

Other Information

  • There are 2 types of bans:
    • A user ban blocks the user of an account from editing any pages, or their wall/talk pages if necessary.
    • An IP ban blocks any person from the specified IP from editing, and will only be used if absolutely necessary.
  • Users are typically given 3 temporary user bans before a permanent user ban.
    • However, blatant vandalism is an instant 1 year IP ban.
    • Anybody caught ban evading in Section 4 will be banned on sight. If the person was already user banned, they will then be IP banned on all accounts.

Section 2: General Topics and Discussions

Covered in this section is: General Regulations, Discussion Posts, and Spam.

General Regulations

  • All content must be on the topic of the official Dragon Raja (Game).
    • Comparison to various media adaptations, such as the novel and various game servers, is acceptable.
    • Pages made on official contests are acceptable; fan works unrelated to the official in any way are not.
      • If made, original works must be credited.
        • All images uploaded must all be categorized appropriately, as Category:MG Contests/Images/InsertSpecificContestName
      • Works that were submitted but did not rank may be included.
        • Please do not add works created with the theme but, in actuality, were made after the contest's submission date.
  • All content must be child friendly.
  • All content must be in the English language.
    • Due to lack of staff that speak other languages. We will be using a machine translator for anything non-English.
  • Posts or pages created with the intent of spreading false information is prohibited.
    • If you are unsure of the information, explain it in the page's edit summary or comments and tag the page as WIP.

General Discussion Regulations

  • Posts cannot be dedicated to sensitive or controversial topics.
    • If said topics are within the lore of Dragon Raja, mark the post's title as such and leave all relevant information in the comments.
  • All discussion guidelines must be abided by.


  • Making duplicate posts or pages.
  • Repetitive content.
  • Chainmail.
  • Content that doesn't meet guideline requirements.
  • Off topic content.

Section 3: Blogs and User Works

Covered in this section is: Blog Regulations, User Works Regulations.

Blog Regulations

The below regulations are provided with the reasoning as to why it is.

  • Must follow the remainder of the guidelines.
    • Self explanatory.
  • Must have relevant content, cannot be empty.
    • Spam.
  • Cannot be self promotional.
    • Attention seeking, advertising.
      • See User Works.
      • With the exception of informative and on topic content.
  • Incite conflict or drama.
    • Attention seeking, inappropriate behavior.
  • Post web links in separate blogs.
    • Spam.
      • Compile it in a single blog. Contact a staff member if you believe it should be in a page.
  • Cannot be baseless issues with staff.
    • Solely creating a conflict with the apparent intention of gaining attention.
  • Unapproved PSAs and announcements.
    • Risk of false information.
      • Double check with staff before making such a blog.

Blogs can be made with the intent of sharing miscellaneous activities done around DRMW.

User Works

  • Posts containing art, edits, or anything of the like do not need to include proof. However, it must be available upon inquiry.
  • Posts containing blood or light gore must be blurred upon posting, and be redirected to an external viewer.
    • (E.g. Google Drive, any image hosting site)
  • Reposted works must include credit. If the creator doesn't allow reposts, do not share without their permission.
  • If using a base, such as tracing over a piece, credit the creator.
  • Commissions can be advertised with permission from a Sysop.
    • The DRMW staff is not liable for any losses. If you believe you have been scammed, contact a member of staff with the appropriate evidence to potentially ban the user.
      • Dissatisfaction in a final work is not being scammed, unless it is apparent that there was little to no effort put into the work, or the commission request was not followed.

Section 4: Inappropriate Content and Behavior

Any violations in this section will result in a 3 day user ban, regardless of extent, unless otherwise specified. Duration of all temporary bans is subject to the staff member.

Inappropriate Content

  • Any sort of hate, discrimination, or bigotry.
    • 1 ban before permanent user ban.
  • Harassment of any user(s) for any reasoning.
    • 1 ban before permanent user ban.
  • Explicit/mature content
    • Depending on the content, it may result in a permanent ban.
  • Potentially triggering content.
  • Trolling, raiding, mobbing, etc.
    • Instant 1 year IP ban on sight. Vandalism is not tolerated.
  • Extreme gore or violence.
    • Permanent ban.

If the User genuinely believes their edits should not have had them banned, they may try to politely appeal to an administrator.

Inappropriate User Conduct

  • Harassment towards any user(s); discrimination towards any group of people.
    • 2 bans before permanent ban.
  • Causing conflict or drama, or bringing it into a public place from private channels.
    • Rare exception: All active administration have been unreasonably rude in private messages, in which case the User may present formal arguments in the community for changes/rights before making reports to Fandom staff.
  • Sharing or discussing mature content.
  • Using potentially triggering imagery.
  • Having explicit content in your profile.
  • Abuse of any sort of function.
  • Sharing private/sensitive information regardless of whom it belongs to.
    • 1 ban before permanent ban.
  • Scamming any user(s).
    • Permanent ban.
    • The staff of DRMW are not liable for any losses from such dealings, nor can they do anything about refunds. They can only ban the user after being provided convincing evidence.

Section 5: Advertising and Promotion

Covered in this section is: Acceptable and Unacceptable Promotion

Prohibited Promotion

  • Promotion of social media or any other personal social platform anywhere outside of the User's personal profile.
    • Includes advertising on other users' profiles.
  • Advertise other communities without Sysop permission.
    • 2 bans before permanent ban.

Allowed Promotion

  • Advertise other communities with Sysop permission.
  • Link to social medias in the User's personal profile.
  • Link to external videos or posts on topic to Dragon Raja without intent to promote.
  • Link to external guides and how-to's on Dragon Raja in blog posts.

Additional Information

If you need any clarification or have any inquiries on the guidelines, they may be directed to any member of wiki staff.