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Dragon Raja Anecdotes Guide and Tips[1]

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The Diary – Read Erii's Diary

Go to Tsukuyomi Prison and you’ll find a small yellow rubber duck at the pond (62,59). Interact with it and you’ll hear squeaky noises. Run to the house nearby and find a diary underneath the table, on the side of the wall – if other player is close by and using the diary, you may be unable to interact with it, so wait a while until he’s gone. Use the diary and enter the code 214 to read Erii’s dark secrets… or at least fluffy things you have already experienced while progressing through the main storyline.

Jam Maker – Cause Traffic Jam in Tokyo

Travel to Tokyo and go to the middle of the road. Stay there for less than a minute so that you cause a traffic jam. When a kind citizen arrives and asks you to move away, reply “Why should I do what you say?” When he insists, firmly stay in your place.

Suddenly, a message appears saying that you caused a traffic jam in Tokyo and were taking to the police station. Sadly, there is no actual police station, but at least this Tale is over and you earned your Anecdote point.

Scattered File – Found Something Good from the Abandoned File at Cassell College

Go to Cassell College and pick up piles of trash that are scattered across the campus. After a few unlucky tries, you’ll get a warning saying that you found a document with a top-secret mark on it. A prompt with three options will appear and you must choose the first one, “Read the document.” This concludes the Scattered File Anecdote.

Reticent – Unlock the Computer Secret Manuscript of the Little Demon and Get Taunted?

Go to the Principal’s Office and ignore the tall and overly confident Anjou. Instead, act like a boss and sit on his comfy chair. Two options will appear: and Enter Command. Choose the second one and type “no glues”. The Anecdote ends right after and you earn your due point.

Blossoms Rain – Unlock the Computer Secret Manuscript of the Little Demon and See Blossoms Rain

At the Principal’s Office, speak to Anjou. His compliment will be a generic but kind one, and next you must sit on his chair, something that is becoming recurrent. As the options appear, choose Enter Command and type the following: “show me the flower.” The Blossoms Rain Anecdote ends, and you score another easy point.

Broken Machine – The Vending Machine at Cassell College is Broken

At Cassell College, go to the basketball court where the automatic vending machine usually circles around. Try to grab a drink from it and the machine is going to break down. You can go ask EVA for help or fix it yourself. As soon as the machine is up and running again, the Broken Machine Anecdote is complete.

The Graffiti – Find Monsterling’s Graffiti in Tokyo

Go to Tokyo and find a vending machine where you’ll get a message about something on the wall, and you need to take a closer look. Activate your vision to see the graffiti, which is a cute face of a… monsterling or something. After investigating it, you’ll talk to the two persons next to you and when the conversation is over, so is the Anecdote.

Lost Report – Investigate the supercomputer in Icy Lair and give the report on the First Generation to Masashi Toyama

Go to Icy Lair and run up to the massive computer, you just can’t miss it – besides, you surely remember where Anton bit the bullet. Interact with it and when the prompt comes up, choose Look Around. You may have to do this more than once to get the next quest step. In your quest list, click the “Deliver the First Generation Report” to return to Cassell College and complete the Anecdote.

Mystery Drink – Get a mysterious drink and learn how to feign death

Go to Cassell College and find a vending machine. Any machine will probably do, but if for some reason the quest doesn’t work, go to the ones on the terrace (221,419). Just choose the drink “Whatever” and purchase it a couple of times or more until you get a special drink and trigger a dialogue. You can have Finger take a look at it or try the drink yourself – if you drink it, the Anecdote will end as you release some suspicious purple bubbles into the air.

Rhythm Master – Hold a solo guitar show

Go to your home in Siberia Harbor and interact with the guitar. Let your character play the entire music, which lasts less than one minute. When the song ends, you’ll get a compliment message from Gattuso and a promise that he’ll introduce you to a pianist, thus ending the Anecdote.

Universal Quiz – What you think the universe is?

Go to the library and interact with the telescope a few times (), until an event is triggered. A quest called “Report the broken telescope” pops up and you have two choices: “Cannot report this. What if they asked me to pay?” and “It’s broken. Report this to the manager.” Choose the second one and report it to Vinya, the librarian.

Return to the telescope the next real-life day and you’ll eventually get a comm from Vanders. Go to the roof (see auto-quest) and Vanders is there, asking you about what you think the universe is. Pick one of the four choices (“The combination of space, time, matter, and energy” was my selection) and the Anecdote will end.

Final Blessing – I have a dream: to sell sunscreen on a beach in France

The Final Blessing Anecdote ranks as one of the easiest and the hardest at the same time. All you must do is find a Claw Machine at Cassell College (233,422) and operate it, as long as you have a few Claw Machine coins in your possession. Aim for the Chisei Gen figurine and if you are lucky enough, the claw will deliver it without giving you a heart attack. The Anecdote ends and you get the figurine, which turns out to be an emoji. Chisei Gen seems really focused on his dream.

Umbrella Seller – You meet the girl that sells umbrellas. Will her childhood lover come back? (Silver Tale)

Go to Chizuru on a rain or thunderstorm day and find a little girl selling umbrellas in such bad weather (160,219). Talk to her but don’t choose the first option, as those umbrellas that she is selling cost 350K gold each! Select the second option to chat for a while and do it two or three times until you exhaust all the dialogue – things should end with “Thank you for listening to me for so long. You really are a good person.”

With that out of the day, you must return to Chizuru, and the little entrepreneur is now standing at a different location (104,217). This step is time sensitive, so you must go there a few times until you find her – in my game, she was there at 10PM, but this is surely going to differ for many players. Talk to her and once again the umbrella subject pops up, but you’re going to choose the first reply, “I don’t want the umbrella, I want you.” Not creepy at all, right?

Anyway, you were only joking, and as a prize for being so cool to the girl, you get a free Red Butterfly umbrella. Use it in the inventory and it will be available to choose in your wardrobe.

Old Man and Sea – There are two things one needs to remember. First, marlin is delicious. Second, don’t get on a lighthouse easily (Silver Tale)

Travel to Siberia Harbor and go to the lighthouse. Click on the door interaction and choose Knock. Apparently, an old man used to be inside, but he’s gone now, so let’s find him.

Of all the places, the old man is somewhere near the sea, staring at the ocean (423,202). When you talk to him, he mentions that he would love to get a boat and go into the sea, but swimming is not an option. Your next step is to return to the hut where you started the game and sit on the chair. You’ve found the book, so now you must find the orphanage’s toolbox by the entrance of the other residence (331,356) and search it.

You just picked up a rope and now you need four branches. While there are branches literally all over the place, this is a game and you must collect the ones the designers want. So, look out for a specific fallen tree (318,303) and pick up four pieces of wood. The interaction here may be a bit erratic, so move around until it starts working.

Return to the old man and click on the branch icon to give him the stuff. Choose the option that best reflects your personality (money or kindness) and witness him disappear into the ocean (or not, just read a message about it). To complete this Old Man and Sea Anecdote you must return to the lighthouse in a couple of real-life days to talk to him again, he’ll be eagerly standing by the door.

Next thing you notice, you’re at the top of the lighthouse and this Silver Tale is completed.

The “Chosen” – During the “baptism” of Lightning, there’s not just sublimation… There’s stiffness as well.Being struck by lightning isn’t uncommon in Dragon Raja, and it is in fact an Anecdote as well. Go to Cassell College during a Thunderstorm (this is a crucial factor) and stand on the pedestal of the Anjou statue. Wait a while and you’ll be “chosen” by a thunderbolt, completing this short but surely painful secret quest.

No. 7 Pitcher – 7 is a magical number – you've got good luck!

Go to the basketball court and speak to Tatsuhiko Kimura to take the challenge (dungeon). Of the ten shots that you have, complete the challenge by scoring only seven shots – miss on purpose if you have to. This will give you the No. 7 Pitcher anecdote.

Dark Alley – What would you do facing the evilness in the city’s dark alley?

This Anecdote can only be done if you have a high Justice trait (click on your avatar and choose “Feature” to confirm). Go to Tokyo and find a specific dark alley (517,440) where two thugs are bullying someone called Igarashi. Talk to him to trigger the quest and after witnessing their conversation, the reply options should come up. If everything goes well, you should be able to see “I won’t allow you to bully the weak ones!” being unlocked, so choose it and a short battle with the thugs ensues. Talk to Igarashi again and he’ll give you some gold as a reward, ending the Anecdote.

College’s Voice – I just wanted to listen to music

Go to Cassell College and find Tia near the basketball court (276,461). Make sure that Pablo is right next to her, because this may be a special condition to fulfill this anecdote. Talk to Tia and pay her to sing a few songs repeatedly, until the couple Finn and Grainne shows up next to the mics. No need to interact with them, just wait for their conversation to end and they’ll leave, ending the Anecdote.

Eco-Friendly – Feed stray dog in Tokyo

Go to Tokyo and interact with a trashcan at a specific dark alley (522,436). You have to do it repeatedly until a stray dog appears right next to you – for some reason, this worked for me at 8PM, so try at different periods of the day until it triggers. If you have pure water in your inventory, give it to the dog. Dog food (from Siberia’s Specialty Merchant at 255,205) and burnt steak are the other options, but your best option is pure water. Always keep a bottle pure water with you or purchase it from a vending machine to quickly end the quest.

Era of Idols – There’s a price to become an idol

Go to Tokyo and find a payphone (462,425). Keep spamming the public phone with calls and paying 10 gold for each one until a mysterious man picks up. He’ll ask if you want to be an idol, saying that he works for the Osawa Agency. He’ll ask your gender and what do you think of idols – reply “Wanna be an idol!” and you’ll pass the interview.

The mysterious man will ask you to pay 5,000 gold to build a file in the agency’s office, something that sounds completely legit and not a scam at all. Pay up, and then pay 3,000 gold for them to pick you up and take you to their office – that’s the most expensive Uber I’ve ever paid.

When you arrive at the location, which is in fact the haunted secret room where you meet the creepy ghost girl, the scam continues. The mysterious man says that you must pay 3,000 gold and give him your entire belongings to sign a contract, so REJECT! I can’t say for sure if you really lose your stuff, but I’m not going to try that option, and you shouldn’t as well. The man isn’t thrilled with our rejection and summons a couple of thugs, whom you’ll swiftly beat up. Then, you should choose the option to call the police and report Osawa Agency wire fraud, increasing your Justice trait and completing the Anecdote. If you chose to ask for hush money, your Chaos trait increases and you may not be able to finish the Anecdote, so beware.

Love you 3000 – One promise that abides for a lifetime

Go to your home in Siberia Harbor and read the note by the bedstand (I love you three thousand). Exit the house and run straight to the peak until you find young Morgan sitting on the snow (368,336. Talk to her and choose the only option available, “That note was yours?” to finish the Anecdote.

Thither Line – Don't pick up phone calls at the phone booth

This is probably one of the first anecdotes you'll complete. It triggers automatically and randomly as you explore the world, as the pop up with the girl says “Pay now, or the service will be suspended.” Reply “Really? You are not hired to fool me?” and Finger will show up to shake his head at their moral decay. It's done.

Eternal Ally – Close friends are telepathic

Go to Hot Spring Resort and interact with the book on the floor (11,16). Interact with it like there’s no tomorrow, until it finally triggers a question – it may take you dozens of times for this to happen, or it may be time-sensitive, so don’t give up and return a few hours later for another round.

To the first question, “Would you tell someone that you like him/her?” say “No,” and to the next question say, “Send my blessing.” Luminous will send you a message saying that he stuffed his face with food in Chizuru and is now in desperate need of some drinks. Purchase an ice cola from a vending machine and go to Chizuru to meet him (175,210). Talk to him and choose the ice cola to finish the Anecdote (I haven’t tried the other drinks).

Dreamlover – Talk in dream

Go to your orphanage home at Siberia Harbor and interact with the bed to lie down, until Z talks to you in your dreams. You can do it three times until you get a warning telling you that you have other things to do, so if Z doesn't send you the message, you have to try another day. Finish the conversation, and the final reply will affect your personality trait. The Dreamlover (misspelled “Dreamiover” in the game) Anecdote ends right after.

Leader’s Query – The Principal turned out to be a collector?

Go to the Principal’s Office and sit on his chair, like you’ve probably done many times before. Choose “Look Around” and hopefully a comm from Alfred will come through, saying that the office has spent tons of money on antiques. You’ve successfully achieved the Anecdote, but your reply will affect your character’s personality, so choose between looking into the Principal or remaining silent.

Strange Mark – Found confidential files in Greenland

Go to the Principal’s Office and spin the globe until a message says that there’s a strange mark in Greenland. You can only spin the globe three times a day (real life), so it could take days for it to trigger. Speak to Anjou, go outside and meet Manstein (269,317), then say “Have Finger hack into the system.” Find Schneider outside of the library, he’s the guy on the wheelchair with all those monitors around him (77,68). If you can’t find the location, check your quest list for the [O] Ask Schneider mission. The Anecdote ends after the conversation.

Campus Bench – There’s a seat over there. Why are you trying to take my seat?

In Cassell College, find a specific park bench (302,288) – it has to be this one, no other bench is going to work. You have to sit down on the bench during a sunny day between 1PM and 2PM. If you're lucky, an athlete will show up as soon as you sit down, claiming the spot in a rude manner (if not, try another day). Answer “There's plenty of vacant seats. Why here?” and he'll run away angry. You have completed the Campus Bench anecdote.

Basketball Team – Leader, I want to play basketball…

Find Tatsuhiko Kimura in the Cassel College basketball court (261,444). He isn't always there, so you should look out for him during sunny days and possibly in the afternoon. Talk to him twice to start the basketball team anecdote and make ten baskets in a row. To make your task easier, always line up your character in front of the basket, on top of the last part of the shadow. Aim for the backboard, just slightly above the rim (the pointer should give you a good idea of the trajectory. After scoring ten baskets, speak to Kimura again to complete the anecdote and earn a cool basketball outfit!

Waste Separation – Looks like you've already become a member of the Garbage Supervision Committee, that superior intellect, just what you…

Pick up garbage from the ground in Cassell College. It should trigger a comm from Gregory, who is clearly worried about garbage classification. Go and meet him near the stairs that lead to the basketball court (243,416). Talk to him to start a questionnaire, and you'll earn the Anecdote point as soon as you get them all right:

Q: What kind of garbage is the glowing bubble milk tea? A: Pearls are wet, cups are dry

Q: What kind of garbage is the Johnson Colored contacts Johann Chu uses to cover his golden eyes? A: Dry trash – trash that has dried

Q: What kind of garbage is Xiaoyan Su's expired cosmetics? A: Harmful trash

Q: What garbage are the artificial flowers Ruri Kazame uses on his kimono? A: Recyclable trash

Q: What kind of garbage is the chicken bones Finger left over? A: Wet trash

Q: What kind of garbage is the cigar smoked by Principal Anjou? A: Dry trash

Q: What in the options below doesn't belong to other garbage? A: Finger's old snotty tissues.

If you fail a question, just pick up another piece of trash from the floor and Gregory should trigger again for another shot at the test.

Multi-Facial – A man of a thousand faces, his gleaming eyes will make you laugh and cry

This is another Claw Machine anecdote, which means that you must own a few claw machine coins to give it a shot. Go to a Claw Machine in Cassell College (229,417) and insert coins to start playing. Aim for the Chime Gen figurine and cross your fingers. When you get it, use it in your inventory to complete the anecdote.

Walking Machine – Who invented this vending machine? Such talent!

Interact with one of the walking vending machines in Cassell College until you get a Lover's Tears drink. You can find the machines near the basketball court and the terrace with the waiters. This may require some patience since you can only do it three times a day, so keep trying until you get the drink. It's recommended that you wait a couple of days with the drink safe in your inventory before proceeding to the next step.

Go to Hydras and find clan butler Seto Matsushima (289,236). He should have an exclamation mark above him, so speak to him. Sell him the Lover's Tears drink for 25,000 gold and hopefully you get the Walking Machine anecdote as well. Otherwise, try the whole process again some other day.

Sled Dog (hidden quest – no Anecdote point)

In Siberia Harbor, talk to Antonia the orphanage manager (331,348) during blizzard weather. You have to do this everyday to trigger the anecdote, or other anecdotes that she may give you, like Harbor Guardian. If she tells you “Nark's sled dog is missing. Would you please help find him?”, reply “Have everyone look around and search.”

Find the dog close by (341,266) during the blizzard weather – if sunny weather comes up, the dog won't be there anymore. Interact with the dog and return to give the good news to Antonia and hopefully the anecdote achievement will trigger.

This Dragon Raja Anecdotes Guide will be expanded as we find more.

Waiter Adams – Adams is an attendant

Go to the Principal's Office and talk to EVA. This anecdote may have some requirements that aren't entirely obvious, so I'll share some of my conditions with you: I have EVA as an ally with level 9 gift points (25646 in total), and I met her at 8 PM in a sunny day.

If the anecdote triggers, EVA will mention Adams' drink collection and ask if you want to try it. The “Okay, let me try it” option is initially locked, but it may unlock for you (my main feature/trait is justice/righteous ally). Then walk to the side and interact with the drink on the floor. Give Adams 500 coins as a tip and return to EVA. Speak to her to finish the Waiter Adams anecdote.

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