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Assassins belong to the Execution Department. They utilize both dragonblood and technology as their weapons. They usually initiate their attacks from a distance. Once the target is weakened, assassins won't hesitate to assault the enemy in close range, melee combat to devastate them.

Assassin is one of the four starter classes for Dragon Raja. They are both a ranged and close combat class. Class changes can be performed by the NPC Cygnet <Class Transfer> at Cassell College (318, 346) at the cost of gold. Gold required for Class Qualification increases after each unlocked class, but transferring classes won't cost any gold.


Damage High
Explosivity High
Survivability Low
Control Low
Assist Low
Range High
Difficulty Max

Assassins use magic attack, multistrike, and earth attack. General stats are concentration, intelligence, and dexterity.


Each skill has different durations, percentages, target limits, and cooldowns dependent on the skill level.

Assassins have 2 forms: Hunter and Shadow. Hunter is a ranged stance, utilizing the Exoskeleton in full. Shadow is a melee stance, harnessing two blades of the Exoskeleton for close ranged combat.


Void Storm Tonight will be forever.

Reseal dragon bone with Void Eclipse, switching from Shadow Form to Hunter Form. Normal attack and magic damage are increased while in Hunter Form.

Prelude Dawn A light pierces the veil of night.

Pulsating energy from the earth deals magic damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Dark Rhapsody All fade into darkness, where real nd ethereal are one.

Obsidian power drags nearby non-player targets to the epicenter, inflicting slow. This skill cannot miss.

Nocturne Luna The bright moonlight shines quietly in a nocturn.

Transforms weapon into a flying blade and throws it forwards. The weapon then stays in the target area, causing magic damage to enemies. When the skill ends, the weapon will explode and cause major magic damage. During this time, you can use Moon Shadow to teleport to the location of the enemies.

Moon Shadow Fading away without a sound.

Cause Nocturn Luna to explode immediately, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Crystal Coffin Crystal coffin, princess, serenade.

Obsidian crystal shell protects against all damage and control effects, but prevents movement and use of skills. It can be used while under control effects, and can be cancelled at any time.


Dark Hunt I shall seize fate by the throat.

Switches to dark shadow form, decreasing magic damage taken. It changes attacks to melee, while becoming invisible and immune to control, and creasing movement speed. If proactively decloaked, it provides control immunity momentarily. If an enemy is targeted, it is tagged with Hunt Mark.

Soul Fissure Splits not just the body, but the soul.

Performs two swift slash attacks, dealing magic damage to enemies, and reducing their movement speed.

Shadow Dart Will you gaze into the abyss?

Throws three nether darts, with each one dealing magic damage to enemies in their path and inflicting Nether Imprint to increase target's taken magic damage.

Shadow Strike Dance a waltz of destruction with me.

Charges at the target, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. If any of the enemies have a Hunt Mark, skill cooldown will immediately reset.

Obsidian Edge I will send you back to earth with a dirge.

Creates a massive, obsidian shard that tracks the target, dealing AOE damage. If the target has Nether Imprint, it will be removed, cause additional damage and delay.

Extended Effects

Hunt Mark A tag that decreases enemy's magic damage and ignores invisibility. If the target is killed while Hunt Mark is active, all Shadow skill cooldowns are reset.
Nether Imprint ———
Multistrike: Earthquake Damage output is increased when triggered. The higher the player's multistrike, the higher chance that it is triggered.


The extent of each EX is dependent on player's EX level.

Void Merging with the void, granting immunity to damage and control effects for 5 seconds. Movement speed is increased while in the area, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, weakening enemy damage, and increasing enemy taken damage for 5 seconds. Effect is halved enemy players. One-off nether destruction is triggered upon exiting the void.
Blackhole Uses the power of the void to create a blackhole, sucking nearby enemies to its center. The blackhole's effect continues momentarily after leaving the event horizon. Affected enemies will suffer magic damage. The blackhole collapses and implodes after 3.5 seconds, dealing magic damage to affected enemies. Targets inside the blackhole for a set amount of time are delayed until the blackhole ends.


The extent of each talent is dependent on player level.

C Talent

Triple Variation When Multistrike: Earthquake is triggered, the player gains an additional Variation effect, increasing Earthquake damage for a limited amount of time(stacks). When the effect is at level 3, Variation becomes Finale. increasing Earthquake damage and duration.
Heroic Sonata Adjusts stance based on remaining HP. For every set amount of HP remaining, damage dealt is increased. For every set amount of HP lost, damage taken is reduced.
Mgaic Melody When damage is dealt to a target with the Hunt Mark, the cooldown time skills under the Shadow form is decreased, and can be used every set amount of time. It also extends the Super Armor effects of Dark Hunt and invisibility.

B Talent

Dissonance Every time Multistrike: Earthquake is activated, there is a chance of casting Nether Imprint on the target, and resetting the the cooldown time of Prelude Dawn.
Moon Serenade If Moon Shadow hits a target, Nocturne Luna cooldown is reduced, and damage dealt is increased.
Crystal Sonata Dark Rhapsody summons a crystal that explodes after some time, dealing magic damage and decay.

A Talent

Funeral Bells Dark Hunt and Hunt Mark's invisibility time is increased. After invisibility is broken, Soul Fissure reduces the target's magic defense and inflicts decay.
Requiem Crystal Coffin resets Nocturne Luna cooldown.
Echo of Soul Dawn? and Soul Fissure trigger Multistrike: Earthquake's at twice the rate. After triggering, damage caused by Dawn and Soul Fissure is increased.

S Talent

Last Waltz Deals bonus damage to a target under a certain amount of HP.
Death Aria Obsidian Edge increases magic damage taken by the target for a certain amount of time. If the target has Nether Imprint, Obsidian Edge will not remove the mark, but increases the duration.
Nibelungen Song When in Shadow form, Multistrike: Earthquake grants a shield that takes a certain amount of damage. When in Hunter form, Multistrike: Earthquake has a chance of casting a domain underneath the target.

Deep Talent

The extent of each deep talent is dependent on player level.


Magic Crystal 5 Talent Points Normal attack damage increased in Hunter form
Crystal Tomb 1 Talent Point Crystal Coffin deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts slow when the effect expires.
Crystal Waves 5 Talent Points Crystal Coffin continuously deals damage to surrounding enemies.
Crystal Counter Charge 4 Talent Points Crystal Waves causes damage dealt by enemies to decrease. This effect can last multiple times.
Omen of Dawn 5 Talent Points Damage dealt by the first Prelude Dawn after a Void Storm is increased and inflicts slow.
Avalanche 3 Talent Points Multistrike: Earthquake and Devastation Zone damage is increased.
Fast Locating 5 Talent Points Hunter form's normal attack has a chance to reduce Dark Hunt's cooldown.
Moon in Shadow 5 Talent Points Nocturne Luna explosion damage is increased, and has a chance of inflicting knockdown.
Chain Blades 5 Talent Points Nocturne Luna reduces enemy physical and magic defense.
Decay 3 Talent Points Dark Rhapsody increases damage taken by enemies, and can be stacked up to 3 times.
Split 5 Talent Points Damage dealt by Nocturne Luna on enemies with Decay lowers CRIT. resistance, and can be stacked.


Triple Impaling 5 Talent Points Multistrike level increased.
Torture 4 Talent Points Increased damage against slowed targets.
Exictment of the Hunt 3 Talent Points When an enemy is killed, movement speed is and magic damage is increased. Can be stacked.
Magic Expertise 3 Talent Points Increased magic attack.
Void Drain 5 Talent Points User gains a portion of HP for each second of using EX: Void.
Survivalist 5 Talent Points Increased max HP.
Self Stabilizer 4 Talent Points Increased aerial resistance.
Balance and Stability Device 4 Talent Points Increases knmockdown resistance.
Constant Temperature Maintaining Device 4 Talent Points Increases freeze resistance.
Runic Affinity 3 Talent Points Increased effect when Recovery Rune and other Buff Runes are triggered.
Potential Burst 4 Talent Points When HP reaches 15%, magic attack increases for 10 seconds, and has a chance to reset all skill cooldowns. Can be triggered every 180 seconds.
Potential Burst EX 2 Talent Points When Potential Burst is activated, super armor is gained at each skill level for 5 seconds.


Shadow Mastery 5 Talent Points Increased magic damage in Shadow Form.
Abyss Eye 5 Talent Points For each enemy that Shadow Dart hits, the CRIT percentage of the next Obsidian Edge is increased. Can be stacked.
Shadow Spy 3 Talent Points Shadow Dart adds bonus hit percentage.
Multiple Darts 4 Talent Points Shadow Dart increased.
Shadow Focus 5 Talent Points Extends Hunt Mark duration.
Lock Target 1 Talent Point Dark Hunt inflicts a Nether Imprint.
Void Burst 5 Talent Points When a Nether Imprint is removed, it causes a small explosion that deals magic damage to enemies in a set range.
Strategize 5 Talent Points When the player enters Shadow Form, magic attack increases every second, and can stack. It continues stacking up tunil stealth is broken, and lasts momentarily after stealth break.
Melt Weapon 5 Talent Points When Soul Fissure hits an enemy with Hunt Mark, the enemy's physical attack is reduced. Can be stacked.
Impale Weakness 3 Talent Points Soul Fissure has a chance to inflict Bleed, dealing damage every few seconds.
Choke 3 Talent Points When using Shadow Strike on a target with Nether Imprint, Shadow Strike deals increased damage and has a chance to inflict Silence momentarily.