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Hilbert Ron Anjou, simply known as Anjou, is a recruitable 6-Star Ally and NPC that constantly appears in the story.


The current Principal of Cassell College and the last member of the first Lionheart. His talent rating is S. Despite being an old gentleman who cares about his appearance as well as educating others, he is surprisingly youthful and sports a good sense of humour.

He is somewhat interested in Luminous and it seems like he is still contacting Finger in secret.


Anjou is a man of tall stature and dresses elegantly. He wears a black suit with an open blazer, showing off a black and purple vest as well as a white high-collared shirt. His tie is fastened to it with a large emblem. He also tends to drape a long black coat over his suit.

He is quite handsome for his age; his hair and beard are well kept and completely white. However, his eyesight seems to have deteriorated, and so he wears black-rimmed glasses. His eyes are a bright shade of blue.



Ultimate Skill - Niten Ichiryu

At Lv.1, Anjou swings his great sword, dealing heavy PDMG to up to 5 enemies within 5m of the target, and increasing CDR for 10 sec.

Yin and Yang in one, chaos incarnate.

EX Skill - EX·Time Zero

At Lv. 1, Anjou uses EX: Time Zero, knocking away up to 10 enemies within 5m of the target and stopping their time. Allies within a small area gain increased Move SPD and Cooldown Reduction for 6 sec.

It's not that I'm faster, it's that your time has slowed down.

Passive Skill - Time Control

(Unlocked at Tier 2)

At Lv. 1, Increases character CDR Lv. and CDR%

Time begins to slow down at extreme speeds.


  • He was born in the UK and graduated from the University of Cambridge.
  • It is assumed that he is approximately 130 years old. However, based on his 2020 birthday event, he is 142.